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About the challenge
When an epic is now being written with TechBuddy's Theory of Learning, and when a growing number of people now start to practice it, we plan to introduce you to it by Challenging your Learning.

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Who can take the challenge
Those who were born before 1995 and not before 1986 Click to Subscribe
Win Amazon's magical e-book reading and internet broadcasting device Kindle, One every month.

Apart from many other prizes to be won and again, every month.
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Happy Learning
About Us
TechBuddy is a venture by IIT & Harvard alumni which is poised to improve the skills of students with its Learning India Programs. It is aimed at stressing the importance of inculcating the Self Learning approach in students focusing on individual's strengths and interests. Know More

Rules of the Game
Though there are no rules for participating in such an awesome challenge, following information is to avoid any confusions and maintain the transparency.
  • Your answers would be marked on the basis of imagination, creativity of thought and accuracy
  • The format of the final round is different every month & is kept confidential. It is intimated only to the participants who qualify to the final round after the first round closes.
All the best for the challenge.
Happy Learning :)
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